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Truck MB SK’94 Building site Container FA161480

SUV MB G Class FA161484

Every month, Faller release a new, limited edition, kitset onto the market. These are the releases for January - June 2021:

FA191761, FA191762, FA191763, FA191764, FA191765 and FA191766. There is also one new Promotional kitset, FA190077

These can tend to disappear from the market, fairly quickly because. as their name says, they are limited editions and once the stock at Faller has been sold, no more of that particular kitset will be produced. We will bring these into New Zealand for you - just send us an email. Eurorail Models Ltd. - we have the largest stock of Faller, Noch, Kibri, Viessmann and Vollmer kitsets available in New Zealand.

VI5039.1 200x200Long gone are the days when a simple oval of track and a train comprising a clockwork engine and three wagons, made up the train set that little boys (usually) craved. 

Since then, all manner of technological changes have made model railways able to be made more realistic, with the range of  accessories expanding rapidly. One of the more recent technology changes, has been the ever increasing use of LED lighting, enabling even small items able to be lit in a realistic manner. The following list of items are currently in stock at Eurorail Models Ltd, New Zealand's leading retailer of items from Viessmann, Faller and Noch.

Does the wiring under your model railway baseboard resemble a bird's nest? 

These two types of wire holders will help you to keep those wires tidy.

NO60160 and NO60180


In the same way that a frame around a picture makes it complete, so a suitable background at the rear and possibly sides of a model railway layout, will help to define the layout and make it complete. Its presence serves as confirmation as to what is part of the layout - and what belongs outside it. Most backgrounds that I am aware of, are photographic prints of very good quality. Usually, they come in a set of two, or sometimes three sheets, that form a continuous scene generally about 2700 mm long by 500 mm high. For those who require a longer background, there are two pairs of backgrounds where the sections are able to be extended either way for as far as is required and one that has end points that match each other, so that it too, can be extended as far as required.

The largest group of model backgrounds is from Faller.

The two pairs are:  FA180511 & FA180514 (each of which is made up of 4 pieces stretching 3880 mm x 650 mm high) . and FA180516 & FA180517, (each of which is made up of 3 pieces stretching 2900 mm X 450 mm. high). The final background that is able to be extended indefinitely is FA180513. (a 2 piece background stretching 3200 mm X 970 mm

For smaller layouts, there are: FA180504, FA180505, FA180509, FA180510, FA180512, FA180515, FA180518, FA180800

Viessmann produce a small range of model backgrounds under the Vollmer brand. Two of them, VO46105 & VO46112 are of a blue sky with clouds and notable for being different sized versions of the same photograph, to suit different situations; while the third is VO46106, an alpine scene.  

For the last couple of years or so, we have had modellers using complete Faller car system vehicles as a basis for their own models; that is, taking an existing Car System vehicle, stripping off the supplied body and substituting the body of a preferred vehicle. This was particularly so with modellers wanting British outline vehicles in preference to the largely German/European models in the Faller range. 

The final area of Model Railway landscaping that I wish to talk about with regard to using Grass Tufts, is all the area beyond the tracks. Essentially, there are two main areas to consider - town and country. Considering the town first, there are public spaces (parks, sports grounds, road-sides and gardens around public buildings) and there are non-public spaces. These latter will be mainly gardens around homes.

The second area that comes to mind strongly, is the permanent way outside the station limits.Generally, the area of land over which the railway passes, is under the control of the railway, but the only part of it to be actively managed by the railway is that portion under and in the immediate vicinity of the tracks.

Although grass tufts have been around for quite a while now, not many modellers seem to be aware of them and the ways in which they can be used. Because they come in many colours and there are two principal heights (6 mm. & 12 mm),  they are able to be used for most scales/track gauges.


...if you are building a model railway and wish to put some height into it, but don't have a lot of room; or wish to access build and have access to storage sidings underneath the main layout.

To raise track sufficiently to clear trains on tracks passing below, can take a tremendous length of track and usually, a great deal of room. But if that track was in the form of a helix, great space-savings can be made. A helix is in the form of a spiral, rather like a large cork-screw. Trains can enter the helix and after travelling up or down, are able to emerge at a different level.