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Churches (N)

FA232239 Chapel 'St. Bernard' (N)

Period 2 (1921 - 1945) With small bell-tower. This building kit contains: 43 single parts in 6 colours, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 53.50

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FA232263 Chapel 'Sils Maria' (N)

Period 1 (1880 - 1920). A beautiful little chapel for a mountain area. Slate roof. The bell in the tower is free-swinging. The original of this church is in Switzerland. This building kit contains: 32 single parts in 4 colours, window foil and 1...

Price: NZ $ 27.40

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FA232271 Town Church (N)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Large, twin-spired town church. Has spires and onion-tower elements and tower crosses and spires from which to choose. This building kit contains: 515 single parts in 4 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 1...

Price: NZ $ 128.40

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FA232319 Town Church (N)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. Period 3 (1946 - 1977) Model of a white, single-nave town church with apse, square tower ground plan and folding roof.

Price: NZ $ 117.00

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FA239004 Promotional set: Village . (N)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. From period 2 (1921 - 1945) Beauty of rural areas! Four-model set allowing the arrangement of a small village. The centre of the tiny locality is comprised of a small church with gable roof and steeple on the side,...

Price: NZ $ 64.10

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KI37025 Church 'Siegtaldom' (N)

Large, city church.

Price: NZ $ 83.50

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KI37027 Church 'Schanbach' (N)

Country church.

Price: NZ $ 38.20

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KI37031 Village church in Sertig (N)

Small, village church. This is a model of an actual church in the village of Sertig, Switzerland.

Price: NZ $ 21.60

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KI37032 Church 'Wassen' (N)

Small, village church. This one is on the famous Gotthard railway.

Price: NZ $ 34.50

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NO14611 10 Laser-cut gravestones (N)

The NOCH Laser-Cut minis series consists of small, realistic, easy-to-assemble laser-cut kits. These highly detailed, delicate accessories will find a place on every model railway layout. They are inexpensive and add life to each model landscape.

Price: NZ $ 15.74

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NO63903 Chapel 'St. Nepomuk' (N)

The small, but very refined and detailed Chapel »St. Nepomuk« finds a place everywhere. Whether in a small village, or at the edge of a hiking path in the mountains: the marvellous little church always shines! The Laser-Cut Kit includes a...

Price: NZ $ 40.80

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NO63906 Church 'St. George' with bells N

The Church Bells Ring among the Stars! The lovely church of »St. George« is characterized by the harmonious architecture, the beautiful half-timber structure and charming details. The model is consciously kept small, to allow the church to be...

Price: NZ $ 134.80

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VO47612 Silent Night remembrance chapel (N)

Christmas without the song Silent Night! on Christmas Eve! is unthinkable. December 24,1818 was the first time that Franz Xaver Gruber, organist and village school teacher, and Joseph Mohr, priest in the Church of St. Nikolaus in Oberndorf near...

Price: NZ $ 49.40

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VO47613 Christmas Village (N)

This Christmas village fits wonderfully into any winter layout. Or build together with your kids or grand children, a great set for Christmas Eve. The single building offers decoration on the fire place or on the window ledge. Just imagine...

Price: NZ $ 101.10

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VO47704 Village Church (N)

A beautiful, village church.

Price: NZ $ 36.80

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VO47732 Vicarage (N)

A house for the vicar or parson of a church

Price: NZ $ 46.50

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VO47734 Church & village - with lighting (N)

This set consists of the church, the Guesthouse and 2 half-timbered houses.

Price: NZ $ 181.70

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VO47736 Ditzingen church (N)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. The original church is located near Stuttgart in Ditzingen. Detailed and scale model reproduced. Idyllic and rural flair on your layout. Dimensions: L 160 x W 98 x H 215 mm.

Price: NZ $ 78.90

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VO47740 Alpine church (N)

Dimensions: L 135 x W 75 x H 140 mm. VI5560 is also suitable for use with this product.

Price: NZ $ 46.50

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VO47759 Cathedral steps (N)

This stair fits cathedral Stuttgart-Berg VO47760.

Price: NZ $ 28.80

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VO47760 Cathedral Stuttgart-Berg (N)

The Stuttgart-Berg Church stands in an elevated position above the west bank of the Neckar river. Ancient manuscripts record that the church existed as early as 1235. The new Gothic church which is the base for the Vollmer kit was built in 1853 –...

Price: NZ $ 134.20

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