A small range of tools to assist the railway modeller.

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FA161669 Groove Cutter. (HO) (N)

A special tool designed expressly for laying the contact wire in the Faller car system. Detailed instructions enclosed.

Price: NZ $ 257.90

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FA170513 A6 Cutting mat

Handy minimat! Long-lasting cutting pad with printed helpful lines, avoids damaging the blades and protects the working surface. Cuts produced in the soft surface close again and are invisible. Can be used on either side. Grid: cm. Size: 105 x 148...

Price: NZ $ 6.60

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FA170514 Rotary work table

360 degrees for painting! Specially suitable for scale modelling and patinating. The rotary table is moved by hand and is a great auxiliary whenever you have to assemble or retouch any model. Versatile to use and easy to handle. Diameter: 20 cm.

Price: NZ $ 30.80

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FA170515 Battery-powered, LED workstation lamp

NOT PERMITTED TO BE TRANSPORTED BY AIR to NEW ZEALAND. Mobile light source of attractive design. With its rechargeable battery and compact, foldable size this energy-efficient lamp offers a variety of possible applications. Mobile or in the...

Price: NZ $ 86.60

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FA170516 5 Replacement fibres - glass fibre eraser

Replace and renew! five replacement fibre brushes for the glass fibre eraser FA170520. See also, however, FA170521 for another replacement possibility.

Price: NZ $ 12.60

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FA170517 Abrasive pads - set of 3

To give a distinctive touch! Ideal auxiliary to shape and smooth your various model making elements manually. The different grain sizes (P60, P100, P240, P400, P600, P1000) from coarse to superfine always allow to obtain the desired result. Should...

Price: NZ $ 8.00

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FA170520 Glass fibre eraser

Better cleaning! Rotary pencil made of plastic, fitted with capillary glass fibres. Ideally suited to the finest cleaning and smoothing tasks, e.g. on printed circuit boards and other objects or metals. Perfect to dull small shiny plastic parts...

Price: NZ $ 16.50

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FA170522 Pin vice

Useful helper! Tool holder with screwing head allowing drilling or filing by hand. Ideally suited to receiving small drills or needle-point files.

Price: NZ $ 12.70

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FA170523 Drill kit

Miniature sizes! Set of 14 metal drills in the range 0.3 to 1.6 mm.

Price: NZ $ 16.50

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FA170524 Cutting mat

Clever working pad! Protects the surface of tables and simultaneously avoids affecting the sharpness of your modeller’s knife. That high-quality long-lasting mat is provided with an horizontal and vertical grid in cm and the printed FALLER logo. The...

Price: NZ $ 9.70

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FA170525 Needle files

Smoothing! Set of ten high-quality files. Ideally suited to the finest, most varied manual metal cutting tasks. Length of files: 140 mm. Different shapes: flat, round, half round, triangular, square.

Price: NZ $ 14.30

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FA170526 Tweezers set

Precision work! Four-piece set of tweezers made of stainless steel of different types: pointed/straight, spade/flat, crossed, blunt/cranked. Ideally suited e.g. to the fixing of figures, placing of plants, repairs, and many others more.

Price: NZ $ 22.49

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FA170527 Pocket magnifier with case

Just the ticket for really detailed work! Precision folding magnifier with dedicated leather case for rich colours and high contrasts when observing the details of small objects, gives sharp representation up to the rim area.

Price: NZ $ 33.80

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FA170528 Mosquito clamp, lockable

A firm and easy hold! Rigid mosquito clamp made of stainless steel with slightly curved point, bits with transverse striation, and lock-in position. Ideal to catch and hold small parts for delicate hobby work.

Price: NZ $ 21.80

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FA170529 Nail setter

Nailing without hammer! That nail setter with sturdy wooden grip is the perfect mounting tool for nails, wire nails and pins that are too small to hold with the fingers. The adjustable bit stop also ensures that all fixing devices are sunk in to the...

Price: NZ $ 29.90

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FA170530 Dosing needles 5 sizes

To apply without any drip. Set comprised of five, all-purpose dosing needles with metal points of different sizes. Ideal for clean and pinpoint application of glues, soldering fluxes or pastes. Particularly helpful on bottles and tubes with large...

Price: NZ $ 7.10

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FA170531 Pipettes 5 pieces

For measuring minute quantities accurately. This set of pipettes allows the easy and accurate mixing and transfer colours, with an accuracy of one millilitre, to add some thinner or to fill an airbrush. Extreme ease of operation with its precise...

Price: NZ $ 7.10

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FA170532 Abrasive block

An all-purpose tool. Use this hand abrasive block to remove rust; deburr, smooth or polish metals, plastics and wood in scale modelling. Removes oxide layers, stains and scratches and ensures high-polished surfaces when cleaning rails and...

Price: NZ $ 16.60

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FA170533 Flexible masking adh. tape, 2 mm and 3 mm

Twin pack, elastic adhesive tape, 2 mm wide x 18 m and 3 mm wide x 18 m, covers curved lines and surfaces accurately and wrinkle-free. No paint smeared. Removable without leaving any residue.

Price: NZ $ 10.15

Product details

FA170534 Modeller's tape

Clean colour edges! Two reels of masking tape of different widths for accurate painting and sticking work on tiny parts. Allows sharp separating lines even on curved contours and surfaces, and reliably prevents the infiltration of colours, paints...

Price: NZ $ 8.70

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FA170535 LED Magnifier lamp with stand

LED Hand-held magnifier with built-in stand, strength 5 x, two brightness levels and USB charging function. Lens diameter: 75 mm. Lithium rechargeable battery 3.7 V, 300 mAh.

Price: NZ $ 45.50

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FA170536 3D Printing retouching set

For the most diverse 3D printing methods! Tool set for the post-processing of 3D printed parts in model building, consisting of a hand vice, a knife with sharp replacement blades, a blunt modelling spatula as well as one round and one flat file....

Price: NZ $ 53.20

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FA170537 3-in-1 Device, battery-powered, for modellers

NOT AVAILABLE IN NEW ZEALAND AS NOT PERMITTED TO BE CARRIED IN AIRCRAFT. Polyvalent tool with interchangeable bits for cordless soldering, hot cutting and heat shrinking. With LED lighting. Contains 4 bits: Soldering bit, 12 W. Foam shaper, pin...

Price: NZ $ 156.00

Product details

FA170539 Set of saw blades for modeller’s knife

Set of 4 finely serrated miniblades, 0.24 mm, allowing to accurately saw plastic and etched-metal pieces. Matches »Modeller’s knife with 20 blades, soft grip«, Art. 170540.

Price: NZ $ 16.70

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