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FA170486 Cleaner Distilate

Especially suitable for cleaning dirt from buildings, tracks, funfair attractions, car system vehicles etc. 25 ml.

Price: NZ $ 7.60

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FA170488 Teflon Lubricant.

A synthetic lubricant that provides lasting lubrication. 25 ml. Needle applicator.

Price: NZ $ 12.60

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FA170489 Special Oil.

Resin and acid free. 25 ml.

Price: NZ $ 11.20

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FA170546 Diorama Base - Large

The perfect base! Rigid plastic base ideally staging miniature models, whether it be buildings, miniature cars, railways, figures or thematic showpieces.

Price: NZ $ 17.00

Product details

FA170547 Diorama Base - Small

The perfect base! Rigid plastic base ideally staging miniature models, whether it be buildings, miniature cars, railways, figures or thematic showpieces.

Price: NZ $ 11.50

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FA170677 Modelling plaster-cloth

FALLER modelling fibre is eminently suitable for constructing dimensionally stable types of terrain in diorama and railway modelling because of its high quality fabric structure and hard plaster coating. Because of the quick and particularly firm...

Price: NZ $ 45.10

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FA170695 Patina Set.

The patina set allows you to apply lifelike and selective signs of weathering and aging to models. Industrial facilities or ones located adjacent to steam facilities are always more grimy than a family home in the countryside or a well-kept...

Price: NZ $ 39.01

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FA170993 Faller Air-Boss Compressor

A superb compressor. Almost noiseless. Contains a storage tank that permits very high performance reserves. Variable output pressure through a pressure gauge. Water separator, reciprocating piston compressor with oil.

Price: NZ $ 690.00

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FA180388 Small, steam engine (Static) (HO)

Horizontal, single-cylinder steam engine with digitally printed mounting plate looking like tiles, to equip machinery halls and industrial models. Model cannot be provided with a drive unit. This building kit contains: 47 single parts in 3 colours...

Price: NZ $ 30.50

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FA180500 Scenic Knifing Filler

White knifing filler for landscape modelling. Self-adhesive, modelling material. Ideal for roads and terrain construction.

Price: NZ $ 14.30

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FA180688 Smoke Oil.

For re-filling the smoke generator FA180690. Sufficient for 4 hours of operation. (Also useful for smoke generators in locos - most realistic!)

Price: NZ $ 10.50

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FA180690 Smoke Generator Set. (All gauges)

Consists of a smoke-oil container with a built-in 16V AC electric smoke generator and a bottle of smoke oil (50 ml.)

Price: NZ $ 49.30
Product Available Date: 2022-01-10

Product details

FA180713 Lithium polymer battery 600 mAh

THIS ITEM IS NOT PERMITTED TO BE CARRIED BY AIRCRAFT AND IS NOT THEREFORE AVAILABLE IN N.Z. The FALLER lithium polymer battery, Art. 180713, have been specially developed for operating the container gantry crane models, Art. 120290 and Art. 120291...

Price: NZ $ 24.30

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FA180714 Lithium polymer battery charger

This quick charging device with USB. A connection can be connected and operated on any PC/notebook. It has been specially developed for charging the FALLER lithium-polymer batteries, FA180713, which are required for operating the container gantry...

Price: NZ $ 25.80

Product details

FA180715 Cable-Set

2 M extension flex with miniature DIN connectors for Items: FA161651, FA161654, FA180701 + FA180702. Easy mounting through holding bracket.

Price: NZ $ 38.30

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FA180924 Two windsocks on poles (HO)

Period 4 (1978 - 1985). It's the little details that add the interest!

Price: NZ $ 7.60

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FA180994 Gym equipment Set HO

Wall bars, vaulting horse, pommel, balance bar, ramp, balls

Price: NZ $ 12.90

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FA180995 Beer pitchers & ashtrays HO

60 Beer pitchers, 40 ashtrays. Period 3 (1946 - 1977)

Price: NZ $ 5.60

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FA180996 Soft drink crates with bottles HO

Crates of soft-drink bottles. Period 5 (1986 - 2006)

Price: NZ $ 6.50

Product details

FA190847GB Car System Booklet (HO) and (N) English Edition

Model-making made easy - car system. Teaches all the skills you need to build the Faller car system, including various ideas for using the control elements available. English edition

Price: NZ $ 36.00

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FA239090 Anniversary Hot air balloon 75 yrs FALLER (N)

Period 4 1978 - 1985 Dimensions: Ø 97 x 135 mm. Available from October 2021.

Price: NZ $ 28.90

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KI38248 Motor (HO)

Suitable for KI39151 & KI39157.

Price: NZ $ 41.70

Product details

NO50410 Cork track bed 6 pieces (HO)

Cork Track Beds are a real model railway classic: they lend themselves as the perfectly stable and noise-absorbing base for model railways tracks, such as the MÄRKLIN ® K track or the PIKO ® A track. The track beds are easy to lay: for glueing them...

Price: NZ $ 29.20

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