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Public Buildings & Utilities (N)

FA222209 Fire brigade engine house (N)

Built: Period 2 (1921 - 1945). That massive fire-engine house offers shelter to fire-fighting vehicles and appliances, but can also be used as repair shop. The facade made of natural stone clearly contrasts with three red folding doors with...

Price: NZ $ 35.90

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FA222222 THW building with vehicle hall (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From period 4 (1978 - 1985) One-storey building set comprised of an office pavilion with square base, three-stall garage wing with movable sliding gates (without drive) as well as three roofed parking spaces for...

Price: NZ $ 66.90

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FA231701 Central Police Station (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From Period 2 (1921 - 1945) This building kit contains: 106 single parts in 6 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 47.70

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FA232242 Moated castle (N)

Pre- period 1. (1880 - 1920) A great tourist attraction for your layout. The base of this castle contains a moat that surrounds the entire complex.

Price: NZ $ 56.90

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FA232251 'Nordex' Wind Powered Generator (N)

Period 4. (1978 - 1985) Wind generator with motor (12-16 V, AC voltage) and three-propeller rotor. This building kit contains: 18 single parts in 2 colours, 1 drive motor, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 65.20

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FA232299 Old town hall (N)

Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920) Re-edition! The Old City Hall in Lindau was erected in 1436. Our model features the magnificently painted northern and southern facade depicting the city’s history. High-quality digital print makes the depictions come to...

Price: NZ $ 74.10

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FA232303 Small-town, town hall (N)

Built: Period 2 (1921 - 1945) Three-storey small-town city hall with third gable, arcade passageway and lateral balcony with access stairs under a lean-to roof. A floor plate, a small bell lantern and a fountain are also part of that model featuring...

Price: NZ $ 36.00

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KI37103 City gate 'Beitigheim' (N)

An ornate city gate from the days when individual cities needed to be defended and the city gates were closed and locked at night. Today. these are tourist attractions in many European towns and cities.

Price: NZ $ 36.50

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KI37104 City Hall Michaelstadt (N)

An ornate, city administrative building from Mediaeval times.

Price: NZ $ 42.90

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KI37107 City walls - Tower & Gatehouse (N)

An important part of any Medieval city's defences - now a tourist attraction. As such, it deserves a place in any depiction of the modern face of a Medieval town.

Price: NZ $ 38.30

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KI37108 City walls - Defence with covered walkway (N)

An important part of any Medieval city's defences - now a tourist attraction.

Price: NZ $ 40.40

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KI37109 City walls - with round tower. (N)

An important part of any Medieval city's defences - now a tourist attrection.

Price: NZ $ 40.40

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KI37150 Town Hall. (N)

Town hall based on the town hall at Prumerend.

Price: NZ $ 48.90

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KI37161 Post Office 'Munderkingen''. (N)

Three-storeyed Post Office.

Price: NZ $ 38.80

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NO63405 Guesthouse 'Edelweiss' (N)

Details Laser-Cut Kit Guest House “Edelweiss” A Holiday in the Mountains! Established in an old farmhouse, the guesthouse is quite cosy! The building was lovingly restored. Especially pretty is the woodwork on the gables. The colourful shutters,...

Price: NZ $ 119.80

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VI1805 Fountain (N)

Pre-coloured models. Looks like a real fountain, but works without water. Flowing water is simulated by a rotating acrylic element. With underfloor drive unit.

Price: NZ $ 51.10

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VO47580 Bus Station N

This station offers place for a kiosk, covered benches and timetables. The 2 included bus stands are equipped with benches, info tables and lighting (without function).

Price: NZ $ 36.80

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VO47615 Christmas Post Office (N)

The post office Christkindl fits to any winter layout

Price: NZ $ 26.50

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VO47633 Posy Office Marktstrasse 4 (N)

Plastic, pre-decorated kitset. Using the kits of the Vollmer Marktstraße 2 – 6 a complete street of houses with houses, business- and half-timbered buildings can be created. Only 3 kits are required to produce a good value for money and interesting...

Price: NZ $ 39.80

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VO47735 Kochendorf Town Hall (N)

The old fashioned city hall in Kochendorf was established in 1597 in half-timbered style. It was renovated during 1890. At first there was a half-open market hall in the cellar it but later a specialised market was built elsewhere..

Price: NZ $ 57.50

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VO47752 Guild House (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. Built in patrician style.

Price: NZ $ 41.30

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VO47761 Town hall (N)

This kit is a likeness of the Munich Town Hall. Numerous small towers and pointed arches are on the basement floor.

Price: NZ $ 131.30

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VO47779 Police station (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. This police station is suitable for rural areas. The integrated garage offers parking space for one police vehicle.

Price: NZ $ 39.80

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VO47780 Fire station (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. Such fire stations are even today located in small towns. Behind the red double doors, up to 5 fire brigade vehicles be garaged. The brick-built hose tower offers space to dry the hoses after use.

Price: NZ $ 97.30

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