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Rural scenes (N)

FA232191 Organic farm (N)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Two-storey farmhouse with living quarters, a stable and a barn area, façades with various designs and a lateral extension made of planks. The kit includes a cellar trap, a wayside cross, a...

Price: NZ $ 83.60

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FA272550 Set of Allotment gardens (I) (N)

Built: Period 4 (1978 - 1985) Set with 3 different allotment gardens with sheds, each separately fenced.Features include tables and chairs, outdoor grills, barrels, garden tools and bicycles plus landscape sections with different plantings.

Price: NZ $ 40.00

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FA272562 Silage and Hay Bales.(N)

From: Period 4 (1978 - 1986) A total of 32 bales of silage and hay.

Price: NZ $ 12.80

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FA272900 36 Haybales (N)

From period 3 (1946 - 1977)

Price: NZ $ 5.10

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KI19000 CLAAS Crop harvester (N)

Pre-painted, plastic kitset.

Price: NZ $ 85.60

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KI37029 Two chalets (N)

Two mountain chalets.

Price: NZ $ 34.50

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KI37033 Chalet (N)

Beckenreid chalet.

Price: NZ $ 31.00

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KI37156 Two windmills (N)

Two windmills

Price: NZ $ 28.80

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KI37301 Windmill (from Lemkenhafen). (N)

Masonry mill with timber decking. Is able to be motorised.

Price: NZ $ 38.20

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KI37302 Windmill (motorised) (N)

Includes motor for rotating windmill sails. Functional kit.

Price: NZ $ 68.43

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KI37304 Castle 'Branzoll'. (N)

Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920) The mountain top on which this model sits, is included in the kitset.

Price: NZ $ 78.50

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NO63707 Tool sharpening mill N

Laser-Cut Kit 'Grinding Mill' In the past, mountain farmers sharpened their scythes and sickles in Grinding Mills, which were mostly powered by hydropower. After grinding the tools, the mowing of the mountain pastures was a lot easier. This scene...

Price: NZ $ 56.90

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VO47708 Old, farm-yard accessories (N)

Accessories consist of hand water pump, well, dung heap and duck shed.

Price: NZ $ 19.90

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VO47709 Brick shed & fence (N)

The roof is removable. Interior can be decorated according to your ideas. One of the reasons for including a 'pigeonry' on country estates in years gone by, was that it was a valuable source of fertiliser.

Price: NZ $ 12.30

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VO47716 Animal shelter with fence (N)

This small animal shelter is suitable for any farm.

Price: NZ $ 22.90

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VO47717 Shepherd's w/carriage & sheep (N)

The kit includes, in white, 12 sheep, a shepherd, and a dog. These can be individually coloured. Also includes a fence

Price: NZ $ 26.50

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VO47718 Country house (N)

Dimensions: L 11 x W 10,5 x H 4,7 cm.

Price: NZ $ 30.90

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VO47722 Barn with sheep. (N)

Dimensions: L 105 x W 75 x H 80 mm, L 320 x W 1.0 x H 9.0 mm.

Price: NZ $ 45.00

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VO47723 Piggery with pigs. (N)

Dimensions: L 160 x W 100 x H 50 mm.

Price: NZ $ 34.70

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VO47725 Feeding game (N)

Dimensions: Barn: L 55 x W 35 x H 28 mm. 3x Hay rack: L 17 x W 14 x H 15 mm. Water trough: L 20 x W 8 x H 10 mm. Animals are not included in this kitset.

Price: NZ $ 30.90

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VO47727 Barbeque area with hut (N)

Dimensions: L 83 x W 65 x H 35 mm.

Price: NZ $ 30.90

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VO47730 Half-timbered farmhouse. (N)

A beautiful house that would also look great in a village setting. In older days in Europe, those who had farms did not live on them but rather had their house in a village and went to the farm each day to work the land. This was for the farmers'...

Price: NZ $ 46.50

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