VI5039.1 200x200Long gone are the days when a simple oval of track and a train comprising a clockwork engine and three wagons, made up the train set that little boys (usually) craved. 

Since then, all manner of technological changes have made model railways able to be made more realistic, with the range of  accessories expanding rapidly. One of the more recent technology changes, has been the ever increasing use of LED lighting, enabling even small items able to be lit in a realistic manner. The following list of items are currently in stock at Eurorail Models Ltd, New Zealand's leading retailer of items from Viessmann, Faller and Noch.


 Advertising sign LOTTO  LEDVI1374 Advertising sign Pharmacy   LED VI1375 Traffic sign, lit VI5085 Road works toilet  VI1545  Switch lanternVI4555  Taxi sign.  VI5039 'Post' advertising sign - lit   VI1371

We believe that we hold New Zealand's largest stock of Faller, Noch, Viessmann, Vollmer and Kibri products, at the best prices. If we don't have it in stock and it is available, we will bring it in for you.