NO08100 Grass applicator (puffer bottle) ..

A very useful, reusable dispenser for applying NOCH Grass onto your landscape.
Instant grass!
Simply take off container cap, place the required amount of grass fibre (up to 2.5 mm. in length)into the puffer bottle and replace the cap. Shake the puffer bottle vigorously to build up a static charge in the fibre. Remove the cap and 'puff' the fibres onto the previously glued surface. Because of the built-up static electricity, the fibres will stand-up, just like real grass.

NOCH Static Grass, in different natural colours, is a sophisticated material for imitating real grass. It is ideal for difficult spots, small pathways and growths in rocky areas.

Some modellers have more than one puffer bottle to avoid the chore of emptying and refilling with a different colour fibre.
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