For the last couple of years or so, we have had modellers using complete Faller car system vehicles as a basis for their own models; that is, taking an existing Car System vehicle, stripping off the supplied body and substituting the body of a preferred vehicle. This was particularly so with modellers wanting British outline vehicles in preference to the largely German/European models in the Faller range. 

 A couple or so years ago, however, Faller introduced the first of its Conversion Chassis, as a way of expanding the range of vehicles able to be run on its Car System, without the necessity of producing their own version of each vehicle. Their Conversion Chassis have been designed primarily to be used for other vehicles produced by 'Herpa',, which already produces a number of the bodies used by Faller in its own vehicles.

Innovative Kiwis, however, have had other ideas and we are now supplying the conversion kits for modellers wishing to either produce their own, one-off vehicle bodies or wishing to place conversion kits into existing vehicles. One has even added working stop lights and turning signals to some of his models, something not yet available in the existing Faller range apart from their digital offerings.

The present HO Conversion Chassis range includes FA161470 (Two-axle truck) ; FA161471 (Three-axle truck); FA161472 (VW T5 van); FA161473 (MB Sprinter van - available from May 2020); FA161474 (Truck, MB Citaro bus - available from July 2020); FA161475 (Bus Setra 315 - available from May 2020). Each of these has a rechargeable battery supplied, except the FA161475, which has two 'AAA' batteries.

As well as the above, there are two HO Conversion Chassis that are supplied without a battery, being FA163703 (Bus or Truck) and FA163704 (Van). Finally, there is one Conversion Chassis available for 'N' modellers FA163710 (for 'N' bus or 'N' Truck). Suitable, rechargable batteries are, however, available for these vehicles.