In September 2019, we received news of more promotional sets from Faller, this time for 'N' gauge modellers. Promotional sets are usually very keenly priced (Especially at Eurorail Models Ltd.).The featured models this time are 239005 and 239006. Faller 239005 comprises a large, half-timbered warehouse and a large crane on its own tracks, to handle timber movements. This model would justify its own siding. The second model, 239006, is of two, hot-air balloons, also at a very good price. 

In recent times, Faller have taken to offering Promotional Sets of some of their kitset models. They are now doing this several times each year and the latest offering includes:  Faller 190069 'Carriage repair hall'; Faller 190070 'Small Funfair'; Faller 190071 'Black Forest village' and Faller 190072 'Bruderstadt station'. These are expected to be available in September or October 2019. The particular month of their release in shown on the listings on this website. 

Promotional Sets are great value as the whole set is usually available more cheaply than its component parts.

When Faller brought out their huge Container Crane in December 2018, everyone was wondering if there would be a drive kit to go with it. I'm pleased to say that a special drive kit has been announced and that it will be available in November 2019. If you are wanting to purchase this, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be delighted to help you.

Noch offer a range of basic layouts, already built, hand-painted and electrostatically flocked with 2.5 mm 'Summer meadow' shade flock. They are all mounted on sturdy frames, have built-in tunnel bases and come with appropriate bridge kitsets. They also include track plans for various proprietary tracks, plus a DVD guide (in English & German).

There are layouts for 'HO' as well as 'N' and 'Z'. 

The HO layouts: ; ;

The N layouts:;

The 'Z' layouts:;

Prices shown on this website are indicative only. They may have to be adjusted because of changes in the exchange rate. Please note that shipping charges have to be added. We can obtain a quote for you for this, once we know your delivery address. A deposit of 50% will be required, which will also guarantee your final price. 

We have sold these in New Zealand, so have some experience in handling the product's arrival in New Zealand and having it forwarded to your address.