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FA170490 Super Expert glue

International rules for transporting goods, preclude the carriage of this type of item by air. Shipment by sea would require us to purchase an order far too large for our requirements.

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FA170494 Expert Laser-cut Glue

This glue joins wood, card, styrofoam, and decorating parts. Ideal for laser-cut models. 25g.

Price: NZ $ 7.48

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FA170497 Expert Spray Adhesive.

Colourless, elastic spray adhesive for durable, fixed gluing. CFC free, ph neutral, non-carcinogenic. 400 mm.

Price: NZ $ 25.88

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FA170659 Colofix-Flex

A relatively new glue that bonds rigid polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, and Decorflex plates, together with rigid foamed plastic platesas well. Crystal-clear when dry, remains supple. Also adheres well to smooth surfaces and is able to bond...

Price: NZ $ 15.24

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FA170660 Colofix - Brown Glue

A brown glue for fixing scatter material to scenic-ed areas. 250g.

Price: NZ $ 14.38

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FA170661 Colorfix Green Glue

A green glue for fixing scatter material to a layout. 250g

Price: NZ $ 14.38

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FA170662 Ballast Grey Glue.

Ballast-grey. Especially suit­able as a compound for making a ballast foun­­dation for railway tracks.

Price: NZ $ 12.54

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FA180501 Colofix White

Dries clear. Especially suitable for gluing scenery material. 250g

Price: NZ $ 12.88

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