FA180458 Premium Landscape - Grain field with poppies (HO), (N)

Landscape segments made of fleece, fit snugly into undulating terrain and represent flora quite realistically on your layout.
The flexible and smooth landscape segments can be cut to size using scissors or a modeller’s knife (FA170687) or better still, torn to size and glued into the terrain contours with COLOFIX-FLEX (FA170659).
Many segments are manufactured so as to feature clear areas of varying thickness, so it is quite appropriate to give the support a preliminary treatment with a suitable opaque paint, especially when the segments are to cover large areas. Such a paint will also improve their bonding.
Because of the base colours used, all segments can be combined with one another without any difficulty. Very nice effects can be achieved by separating or cautiously plucking out some isolated pieces of these segments and laying them in other places.

Sales price NZ $ 16.90

Dimensions: 210 x 148 x 3 mm

Units in box: 1