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Public buildings, Utilities & Monuments (HO)

FA130381 Wind turbine (HO)

Built: Period 5 (1978 - 1985). with motor (12-16 V, AC voltage) and 3 propeller rotor. The original is located on the Black Forest overpass in the southern part of the Black Forest and was installed in 1996. Note: Can be built in 2 versions: with...

Price: NZ $ 75.79

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FA130989 Fire Station. (HO)

Period 3. (1946 - 1977) Monitoring building has three-stall, garage annex.

Price: NZ $ 135.47

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FA130268 Rural Fire Station (HO)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) With 2 opening doors, roof siren, hose drying tower and scaffolding. This building kit contains: 86 single parts in 6 colours, window parts and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 47.04

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FA130441 Burning Tax Office (HO)

From period 1 (1880 - 1920) Weathered facades, blackened by smoke.

Price: NZ $ 137.43

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FA130958 Transformer Station (HO)

Built: Period 3 (1946 - 1977). With transformers, insulators, power lines etc. This building kit contains: 434 single parts in 5 colours, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction. NOTE: Rear building not included

Price: NZ $ 81.08

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FA180581 Fountain (HO)

From period 1 (1880 - 1920). Another item for the centre of the old town. 4 spouts and a 'water' surface, with figure. This building kit contains: 28 single parts in 2 colours, window foil and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 17.48

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FA180587 Bus Stop Shelters (HO)

Period 3. (1946 - 1977) Timber construction.

Price: NZ $ 22.66

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FA130245 Castle 'Lichtenstein' (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920). Well-known model on the Swabian Mountains. A 40 mm high mountain is included in the construction kit as a platform. High above the Honau valley in the Swabian Mountains the impressive Castle Lichtenstein can be...

Price: NZ $ 68.89

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FA130291 Castle Observation Tower. (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920). which should be located outside of a town with its built-on kiosk as a place for excursions. Reasonably priced and easy-to-build model requiring little space. Particularly...

Price: NZ $ 31.63

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FA130285 Castle Tower Ruins (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920) From the age of chivalry; the well preserved tower is used as an observation tower. Reasonably priced and easy-to-build model requiring little space. This building kit contains: 46 single parts in 4 colours...

Price: NZ $ 40.48

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FA130401 Town Wall Set. (HO)

Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920) A large number of elements, in one package.

Price: NZ $ 199.53

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FA130403 Old-town Peel Towers (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920). To be used as ends for linking defensive wall sections. Each with defence towers, one with 45° and one with 90°. Peel towers contained bells to warn the citizens of an impending attack on their city. These...

Price: NZ $ 52.79

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FA130404 Old-town Wall (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920) With arches and roofed battlements. To be used for wall extension. It can also be used together with peel towers and for extension of FA130401, old-town wall set. Can also be used with items FA130402 and...

Price: NZ $ 41.98

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FA130402 Old-town Tower House (HO)

Period 1.(1880 - 1920) With integrated stairway and a small, half-timbered townhouse. This building kit contains: 99 single parts in 6 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction. Such Mediaeval fortifications are still in...

Price: NZ $ 52.79

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FA130427 Town Hall 'Allmannsdorf' (HO)

From period 1 (1880 - 1920) The original building stands in Allmannsdorf, near Lake Constance.

Price: NZ $ 112.36

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FA130922 St. Martin's Gate (Freiburg) (HO)

An imposing model. Epoch I

Price: NZ $ 98.79

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FA120236 3 Transformer Stations (HO)

Period 3. (1946 - 1977) Three transformer stations in different sizes and shapes. For power supply in railway, industrial and commercial areas. This building kit contains: 35 single parts in 4 colours, 1 decoration and 1 construction...

Price: NZ $ 38.87

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FA120258 - Three Vehicle Garage (HO)

Built: Period 4 (1978 - 1986). A three-stall vehicle garage with garage doors (non-functioning). Extensive accessories included. This building kit contains: 169 single parts in 7 colours, window foil, 2 decorations and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 23.58

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FA120256 Recycling Depot. (HO)

Built: Period 4. (1978 - 1985). Timber shed and fencing with sliding gate. Handles all kinds of recyclable waste in various containers.

Price: NZ $ 28.75

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FA130966 Television Tower (HO)

Period 3. (1946 - 1977) Similar to the actual tower in Alexanderplatz, in Berlin.

Price: NZ $ 165.49

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FA131010 Lighthouse 'Hörnum' (HO)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) This is a model of the Hörnum lighthouse built in 1907 on the island of Sylt, from over 600 cast-iron plates, fitted together. Slim red/white tower equipped with sea navigation lamp (blinking beacon) flashing at...

Price: NZ $ 140.88

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FA130406 City Gate with Gatehouse (HO)

Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920). Town gate with mounted house on one side and an Old Town wall section on the other side. Ideal supplement to the town wall programme. Suitable as a Car System vehicle thoroughfare. This building kit contains:...

Price: NZ $ 60.84

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FA120239 3 Brick Transformer stations (HO)

Built: Period 4. (1978 - 1986). Three different sizes of transformer station with brick construction and different roof shapes update your power network. See also FA120236

Price: NZ $ 33.93

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FA130910 Police station on Goethestrasse. (HO)

From Period 3 (1946 - 1977). Municipal police station with side garage entrance on a corner lot. Lively structured old building front with solid window trim, and houses with attic rooms and skylights in the loft. This building kit contains: 255...

Price: NZ $ 90.28

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