Includes Bridges & Tunnels; Catenary Systems, Level Crossings, Signals & other items.


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Permanent Way (HO)

FA170804 Decorative Sheets - 'Natural cut stone' (HO)

Foamed wall with pre-decorated 'skin' for modelling retaining walls of all kinds. Stonework matches tunnel portals FA170830 & FA170831

Price: NZ $ 9.20

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NO14301 Laser-cut Concrete grids (HO)

A small detail with a big impact on your layout.

Price: NZ $ 11.10

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NO65611 Theme set Track Construction HO

The NOCH Scenery Sets contain all you need for creating a complete scene on your model landscape. Aside from figures and small Laser-Cut kits, the sets also include a lot of small parts for decoration. Let yourself be inspired, and enjoy designing...

Price: NZ $ 46.50

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