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Other non-railway buildings (HO)

FA109923 Old town wall (HO)

Plastic kitset. Period: Pre 1880 - 1920 Historical collector‘s object, re-issued! Highlight from the former series of FALLER old-town kits. Town wall with built-in square fortified tower and old-town wall part with wall-walk directly leading to a...

Price: NZ $ 68.89

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FA120266 3 Electricity sub-stations (HO)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. From Period 4 1978 - 1985. Perfect current supply! Set comprised of three small masonry transformer substations of different size. This building kit contains: 35 single parts in 4 colours, 1 decoration and 1...

Price: NZ $ 24.04

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FA120267 Transformer substation Ardez HO

Plastic kitset. From period 3: 1946 - 1977 Electrification of the Rhaetian Railway lines. Masonry distribution tower with embedded insulators and a double-pitch roof, similar to an original built about 1913 in Ardez in Low Engadine. Ideal...

Price: NZ $ 61.53

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FA130131 Toilets in containers (HO)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. From Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Quickly installing portable toilet rooms in varying places. Rectangular profiled sheet steel container with reinforced corners and separate lavatories for ladies and gents.

Price: NZ $ 29.33

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FA130135 4 Building site containers - orange (HO)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. From Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Set comprised of four stackable profiled sheet steel containers of orange colour, joined through an outside stairway. The profiled sheet steel containers are fitted with outside doors,...

Price: NZ $ 48.19

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FA130810 Multistorey Car Park HO

Parking floor with panoramic view. Multi-storey parking lot with two complete floors connected with each other through ramps, and further parking spaces on the roof of the 2nd floor. A vertical wooden facade towers above the upper building edge...

Price: NZ $ 250.13

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FA130947 Wooden Hut (HO)

Built: Period 2 (1921 - 1945) A wooden worker’s shanty with gangplank, veranda, shutters and tarred cardboard roof. Versatile use on construction sites, in the station area or industrial sites. This building kit contains: 52 single parts in 3...

Price: NZ $ 31.51

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FA130981 Logistic Centre (HO)

Built: Period 4 (1978 - 1986) Modern freight hall built for DHL, fitted with 19 rolling shutter doors at the loading platforms and an adjoining office wing. Several models can be juxtaposed or built side by side. The current Car System line offers...

Price: NZ $ 82.46

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FA130987 High-rack warehouse (HO)

Built: Period 5 (1987 - 2006) Innovative logistics! Multiple-aisle high-bay warehouse block for the fully automated handling of goods under optimum use of space. Inwards and outwards goods are handled through loading platforms and doors provided...

Price: NZ $ 106.84

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FA131385 Truck maintenance depot (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From period 1 (1946 - 1977) This building kit contains: 43 single parts in 3 colours, window parts, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction. Just one of a group of inexpensive models in the 'Hobby' range.

Price: NZ $ 22.89

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FA131386 Boiler house (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From period 1 (1880 - 1920) This building kit contains: 35 single parts in 4 colours, window foil, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction. Just one of a group of inexpensive models in the 'Hobby' range.

Price: NZ $ 22.89

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FA131388 Windmill (with motor) (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From period 1 (1921 - 1945) This building kit contains:157 single parts in 11 colours, window parts, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction. Just one of a group of inexpensive models in the 'Hobby' range. Best...

Price: NZ $ 29.33

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FA180543 Portable Toilets (HO)

Period 5. 3 standard toilets and one disabled person's toilet.

Price: NZ $ 25.53

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FA180577 Adventure Playground (HO)

From period 3. (1946 - 1977)

Price: NZ $ 26.22

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FA232383 Old town secondary school (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From Period 3 (1946 - 1977) Two-storey school building with hipped roof, dormer windows and adjoining stairwell at the rear. All facade elements have been applied by digital printing. This building kit contains:...

Price: NZ $ 74.18

Product details

FA232540 Vehicle workshop (N)

Plastic kitset. From period 3 (1946 - 1977) This workshop building with its wide opening sliding, fold­ing doors, together with the many parts to decorate the interior, can be used for a variety of purposes. E.g. as a locksmith’s shop, car repair...

Price: NZ $ 18.11

Product details

KI18906 Military vehicle hall HO

Kit. This prototypical garage construction accommodates at least 4 trucks or emergency vehicles. The building is extremely suitable for simulating barracks operation and the corresponding logistics. The 4 wide roller shutter imitations allow the...

Price: NZ $ 58.08

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KI18907 Military shooting range HO

Kit. In this building, the shooters prepare for their target practice. It is also used for storing and dispensing weapons and ammunition. Incl. locker room.

Price: NZ $ 37.72

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KI38102 Cityscape items (HO)

Kitset includes a huge range of items to incorporate into your streetscape: Traffic lights (non working!); bus shelter, poster stand, food kiosk, picnic tables and benches, tables and chairs etc.

Price: NZ $ 37.30

Product details

KI38500 Transformer station. (HO)

Interesting buildings seen in different forms all over Europe.

Price: NZ $ 38.80

Product details

KI39000 Terminal with platforms w/LED lighting (HO)

Functional kit. This new item scales new heights with its polished lighting system. The integrated light tapes and 7 LED reflectors emphasise the prominent architecture of this special building. 6 platforms and the cubic waiting room with...

Price: NZ $ 1529.50

Product details

KI39005 2 roofed platforms of KI39000 w/LED lighting (HO)

Functional kit. The sail-shaped roof spans up to 6 stops and is divisible in the middle. Ideal to enlarge item-No. KI39006. Two pieces of ceiling spotlights, item VI6338 are included. For additional lighting elements we recommend Viessmann item ...

Price: NZ $ 520.90

Product details

KI39006 Terminal with one platform w/LED lighting (HO)

Functional kit. This part of the bus terminal Halle/Saale is suited for arrangements with less space or for modular enlargement. Arbitrarily extendable with item KI39005 and KI39007. Designed as part of KI39000. One ceiling spotlight item VI6338...

Price: NZ $ 638.90

Product details

KI39007 Modern bus stop (HO)

Functional kit. The stop can be placed separately or in combination with item-No. 39000, 39005 and 39006. Thus it is suited particularly to be placed afterwards on already existing model train layouts. Compatible with Faller Car System. For...

Price: NZ $ 195.50

Product details

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