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FA120127 Old-time gantry crane (HO)

Built: period 1.(1880 - 1920) Timber construction. Best suited for a small, country station. This building kit contains: 53 single parts in 2 colours and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 24.90

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FA120129 Platform Crane (HO)

Built period 1. (1880 - 1920) Small, rotating loading crane. This small, rotating loading crane can be installed wherever goods must be handled. Without raising or lowering function.

Price: NZ $ 18.90

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FA120162 Crane (HO)

Built period 2. (1921 - 1945). Able to be turned 360deg. by hand, but could be turned using the Faller motor FA180629. (not included in the kitset) The large gantry crane fits in all areas in which cranes are used: ports, industry, railways...

Price: NZ $ 65.50

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FA120163 Gantry Crane HO

Built period 3 (1946 - 1977). The ideal derrick for loading and unloading work in the harbour, in the railway area, in the industrial branch etc. The top part of the crane can be rotated manually by 360° (engine cannot be retrofitted). The crane...

Price: NZ $ 59.90

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FA120164 Gantry Crane. (HO)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) This very typical railway model can not only be used in depots, but wherever something has to be lifted and loaded. A gantry crane can be built with the parts of this construction kit which spans over two or three...

Price: NZ $ 29.50

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FA120232 Steam Crane (HO)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Lasercut model of a slewing crane according to a historic model used for the shunting as well as the loading and unloading of goods wagons. Versatile use on tracks in railway repair shops or for the handling of...

Price: NZ $ 26.75

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FA120290 - Container bridge crane (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset.. Period: 4 (1978 - 1985) Inter-modal centre of activity. Transshipment station ensuring container traffic according to the original DUSS terminal of DSD HILGERS company on the Basle/Weil-on-the-Rhine site, comprised...

Price: NZ $ 525.00

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FA131368 Container bridge crane (HO)

Built: Period 5-6 (1978 - present day)) This building kit contains: 37 single parts in 7 colours, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 17.90

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FA131370 Gantry crane (HO)

Built: Period 3 (1946 - 1977) This building kit contains: 26 single parts in 3 colours, window parts, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 18.25

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FA190065 Promotional set - Goods handling (HO)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. Period 2: (1921 - 1945) Parcelled and bulk goods! Railway installation set of versatile use to combine the transport routes road and rail while using the gantry crane to store goods temporarily in the shed, then...

Price: NZ $ 46.75

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FA190066 Promotional set - Duningen station (HO)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. Period 3: (1946 - 1977) Interrail! Three-piece station ensemble comprised of a recently renovated rural station with adjoining store shed, a covered platform and an open footbridge to cross the track...

Price: NZ $ 39.50

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KI10558 - Road/rail crane (HO)

Functional model with front- and rear-lightning and 2 yellow warning flasher, Liebherr-mobile crane LTM 1050-4, 8 cylinder diesel engine with 260 kW / 354 hp.

Price: NZ $ 62.00

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VO45624 Container crane. (HO)

Can span several tracks and/or roadways. Great for an intermodal depot.

Price: NZ $ 43.80

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VO45727 Crane (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. This crane can handle heavy goods up to 10 tons. Loading and unloading goods in the train station area brings life onto your layout.

Price: NZ $ 25.80

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