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Circus and Fun-fair (HO)

FA140119 Caesar's Palace ticket booth (HO)

From Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Pure luxury and plenty of winners, that’s what venturers are going to find in »Caesar’s Palace«, stationary model of a former funfair lottery booth which was designed by the Workshop for Applied Advertising (»afaw«) to...

Price: NZ $ 137.50

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FA140312 Ferris Wheel (HO)

From Period 2 (1921 - 1945) A must for your amusement park! All the fun of the fair! Use the Faller motor (Item #FA180629) to drive the wheel; a Ferris wheel lighting set (#FA180635) and 2 sets replacement bulbs (Item #FA180636) to light up all...

Price: NZ $ 142.00

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FA140315 Chair-o-plane (HO)

Another item for your fairground area! Epoch II

Price: NZ $ 120.90

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FA140316 Children's Merry-go-round (HO)

From period 4 (1978 - 1986) The classic among vintage merry-go-rounds. Roof has elaborate mirrors. comes complete with driving motor.

Price: NZ $ 88.90

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FA140318 Swing Boats (HO)

Working model. Each boat swings in its own time. Epoch II

Price: NZ $ 97.50

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FA140320 Midway Booths (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From period 3. (1946 - 1977) Two stands for the fairground - Candy Bar and Shooting Gallery.

Price: NZ $ 34.50

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FA140322 Roundabout Bar (HO)

Kiosk complete with tables, stools and decorative material. Epoch IV

Price: NZ $ 45.90

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FA140325 Power Tower (HO)

Original fairground model of Maurer & Söhne, Munich. Fully operative model, approx. height 700 mm, with special drive motor (12-16 V, AC/DC), electronic ­control sequence, complex background, lighting poles and cashbox. This gives you the big kick,...

Price: NZ $ 304.50

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FA140329 Childrens' Merry-go-round (HO)

Classic, old-style fun-fair attraction. Epoch III

Price: NZ $ 54.50

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FA140341 County fair Set (HO)

New Product. Available fro April 2013.

Price: NZ $ 86.50

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FA140344 Super-wave-swinger roundabout (HO)

Built: Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Anniversary model of a wave swinger with new decoration and modern digital control system. The functions of that chair-o-planes such as acceleration, hydraulics and tilting top as well as the decoration with nostalgic...

Price: NZ $ 315.50

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FA140345 Super-wave-swinger trailer (HO)

Built: Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Digital printing model of the showman’s luggage trailer intended for the »Super-Wave-Swinger« of showmen Nickel GbR. To go with the attraction Art. 140344.

Price: NZ $ 25.90

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FA140353 Fairground booths (HO)

Epoch V. On the candy booth »Dolce Diavolo« there are quite a lot of »devilishly good« sweeties. On his booth the clown offers multi-coloured balloons.

Price: NZ $ 47.50

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FA140358 Fairground barriers & signs. (HO)

Barriers together with information and advertising banners as well as fairground signs.

Price: NZ $ 20.90

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FA140400 Tourist mini-train. (HO)

Plastic, pre-decorated kitset. From period 4 (1978 - 1985) This tourist mini-train has great attraction for city tours and at fairs (without function).

Price: NZ $ 51.90

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FA140410 'Alpine railway' roller-coaster (HO)

Plastic, pre-decorated kitset. From period 6 (2007 - date) Functioning model of the transportable steel »Alpina-Bahn« roller coaster of fairground undertaking family Oscar Bruch. Facades and decoration parts, the wooden paybox and miniature...

Price: NZ $ 405.00

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FA140420 Fun-Schiff ride (HO)

Era V. Europe’s most popular swing. Welcome aboard the first mass production fair model of a large swing boat. The lighted swing with complete drive mechanism (motor & control) swings up high while its decorations rouse feelings of ocean holidays....

Price: NZ $ 367.50

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FA140422 Star-drive dodgen cars (HO)

From Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. Make way! Two-column cars with optimized guiding, old cars, cashbox carriage and decoration elements true to the original »Star Drive« of Fa. Josef Barth from Kaiserslautern. Digital...

Price: NZ $ 260.00

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FA140423 Mouse Town fun house (HO)

Built: Period 4 (1946 - 1977) In 2016 you will be able to visit a variegated house full of travelling rodents following the tradition of legendary mouse circuses. The buoyant facade of the model »Mouse Town« gaily continues inside: the visitors to...

Price: NZ $ 74.90

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FA140424 Crazy Clown (HO)

Built: Period 5 (1987 - 2006) Yellow bow tie, striped jacket, plenty of make-up and a red nose – discover your inner clown with the carny Alfons Tröger’s racy, hully gully style merry-go-round. Once the model’s drive disc lifts into a sloping...

Price: NZ $ 205.50

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FA140426 'Octopussy Roundabout' (HO)

Five individual cars rotate around a central axis with the five arms moving up and down in a varying manner. Epoch IV

Price: NZ $ 257.50

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FA140428 Attraction 'Salto Mortale' (HO)

Fitted with two motors, dispersion unit and sequence control. Epoch V

Price: NZ $ 473.50

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FA140429 Amusement Device 'Rainbow' (HO)

Epoch V. Amusement Park ride. A faithful model of the original. Driven with 12-16V AC motor. This model comes complete with lighting and an elaborate panoramic decoration. operation is by common on/off switch.

Price: NZ $ 183.50

Product details

FA140430 Wild Water Canoeing 'Pirateninsel' (HO)

Fully-functioning, wild-water course built be Messrs Mack (Waldkirk). Epoch IV

Price: NZ $ 352.50

Product details

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