FA161470 Car System - Conversion chassis 2-axle Truck (HO)

Make your HERPA dream model fit for Car System.
Pre-assembled, fully functioning Car System H0 chassis to convert two-axle stationary truck models of manufacturer HERPA for Car System operation. You choose your own bodywork and driver cab.
Infos on bodywork type:
- Trunks and tarpaulins 7.15 m long in the original can be plugged directly
- Trunks and tarpaulins 6.8 m long in the original: intermediate plate of conversion chassis can be shortened
- Trunks and tarpaulins 7.45 m long in the original: corresponding projecting length at the rear
- Platform bodywork: fastening according to the cutout of the platform
Infos on driver cab:
- all cabs from HERPA cab-over-engine trucks can be used, except Renault models
- Clearance for front wheels by clipping the bottom part of the cab (mud guard, access)
- Fastening of the cab by means of the bumpers and HERPA standard cross-member

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Because modellers want to add vehicle bodies to the chassis, two necessary measurements are shown below:

Axle to axle   -    58 mm.

Width            -    28 mm.

These details have been supplied to us by Faller.

Units in box: 1