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Landscape Decoration (HO, N, Z)

FA170301 Scatter material - coal, black 650 g.

This material is helpful in setting the scene around coal re-fuelling stations. A little bit scattered around the engine maintenance depot would add to the atmosphere, as well.

Price: NZ $ 22.80

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FA170302 Scatter material - Ballast, beige 650 g..

When using ballast, think of the colour of the rocks in your layout landscape. Railway companies look for suitable ballast that is as close as possible to the point of usage.

Price: NZ $ 20.80

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FA180445 Mountain bikes (HO)

Modern bicycles (mountain bikes) for designing many small scenes.

Price: NZ $ 17.70

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NO61601 Terra-form basis pack

Landscaping materials. How to give your landscape its own profile: The Wooden Support Poles can be cut easily to the right length. The flexible 5-fold connectors enable to build up a tent-like construction. The Connectors and the Wooden Poles...

Price: NZ $ 97.80

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