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Cranes (N)

FA222133 Old gantry crane (N)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Timber construction as still seen at small railway stations. This building kit contains: 29 single parts in 2 colours and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 24.40

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FA222176 Crane with Freight. (N)

From period 1 (1880 - 1920). Hand-operated slewing crane. (Without lifting function) A variety of loads is included. This building kit contains: 58 single parts in 2 colours and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ $ 17.90

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FA222198 Gantry Crane (N)

Period 2. (1921 - 1945) The large gantry crane can be fitted with a clamshell grab, hook or log grab, and is thus suitable for operation in the most varied working areas. Cabin and jib can be adjusted manually. Clearance under the gantry 43 mm....

Price: NZ $ 73.50

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FA222200 Small Portal Crane (N)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. From period 2 (1921- 1945) For handling goods to/from railway wagons to/from trucks.ships. The top of the crane is able to be rotated manually. This building kit contains: 74 single parts in 3 colours, window parts,...

Price: NZ $ 27.40

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FA232532 Steam Crane (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. From period 2 (1921 - 1945) This building kit contains: 40 single parts in 5 colours and 1 construction instruction.uilt: Period 2 (1921 - 1945) NOTE: This is part of a special series of low-priced models for 'N'...

Price: NZ $ 14.90

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FA239005 Promotional set: Timber loading - . (N)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. Period 2 (1921 - 1945) Spacious warehouse with masonry plinth, timber framework with light-coloured bracing, a lantern light, and loading platforms on both sides, similar to an original located in...

Price: NZ $ 59.80

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VO47901 Gantry crane. (N)

A very business-like gantry crane suitable for railyard and engineering and other industrial use.

Price: NZ $ 30.30

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VO47905 Container crane. (N)

A very business-like container crane suitable for railyard and intermodal transfer.

Price: NZ $ 38.30

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